Conversational Spanish II


In Conversational Spanish II we will explore thematic units of vocabulary—words that are part of everyday life: going to visit family and friends, walking through town, ordering food at a restaurant, cooking for family and friends, going to the movies, shopping at the market and the mall, going to the park, and visiting an art museum.   

In addition, you will learn how Spanish-speaking people see the world and how they express their hopes and dreams. You will learn about the culture of the Spanish-speaking world, its history, its literature, its music, and its system of values and beliefs.


Myriam Borges Thompson

Class Details

Live Class: Yes

Frequency: Weekly, Tuesdays 11 a.m. to noon ET

Duration: Summer session, 12 weeks

Assignments: There will be short weekly assignments, practice exercises, recordings, and quizzes for every unit of study.

Student Expectations:
Students will submit weekly assignments, complete unit quizzes, and work with dialogues, written exercises, and stories. 

Student Support:
Teacher is available via email.

Feedback will be provided on assignments, quizzes, and classwork.    

Spanish/English dictionary, 3x5 cards, and markers for art projects. Students will also need a copy of Interactive Spanish by Cari Skier. Resource page. They will also need access to Centro Virtual Cervantes ( on the internet.

Students should be comfortable using a dictionary and should have a background in Spanish appropriate for the course (approximately a year of formal study).

For Ages: