Sign Language I


Learn the basics of conversational sign language! Get started with your ABCs and 123s, learn to spell your name, and discover how to express your feelings in sign language. You will learn how to sign colors, family members, and basic grammar, including how to sign in the past, present, and future. We’ll also introduce some other basic concepts from American Sign Language (ASL). When you know sign language, you will be able to communicate in situations where using your voice is inappropriate or even impossible, such as through a window, in a loud environment like at a swimming pool or playground, or in a quiet place like the library. You can even communicate from across the room. How about meeting some new deaf friends? Have fun while you learn this lifelong skill.


Barbara Champion Althoff

Class Details

Live Class: Yes

Frequency: Weekly: Tuesdays, 1-2:30 p.m. ET

Duration: 15 weeks

Student Expectations:
The class will be supported with fun games, articles, and videos to be reviewed and watched on the students’ own time. It is imperative that the students review and practice signing outside of class; this is the only way to retain the material. Students will also be required to complete any homework that is assigned.

Student Support:
Teacher is available via email or by appointment.

Feedback will be provided on weekly assignments and projects. Grade recommendations are optional.

Students need some kind of office software, colored pencils, and internet access to view videos. Downloads of flashcards will be sent to students prior to class. To do the student showcase, students will need access to a webcam.

Students should be comfortable navigating basic computer functions.

For Ages:

Class 1: Introduction and Overview, Manual Alphabet, Numbers, Introduce Yourself in Sign Language
Class 2: Playtime Signs
Class 3: Family and Friends
Class 4: Signs for School
Class 5: Animals
Class 6: Things We Wear, Colors and Shapes
Class 7: Food
Class 8: Learning to Fight Fair, Oops, Accidents
Class 9: Words that Connect Other Words, I Don’t Feel so Good
Class 10: Things in My Home
Class 11: Where Do You Work?
Class 12: Helping Out at Home
Class 13: Let’s Pretend, Kids on the Move
Class 14: Descriptive Words
Class 15: Calendars and Clocks, Special Events