Writing Assessment, Level 3


This is not a course but rather an assessment service. Using comments, suggestions, corrections, and encouragement, I will assess the papers that your child does as he or she works through Essay Voyage.

Writing is the essential skill that the entire language arts curriculum is designed to develop. Students need to be able to write academic papers to succeed in college and throughout professional life. Writing at the highest level is what sets students apart from their peers. Parents have found many ways of guiding, correcting, and assessing their children’s papers; this service will give them another powerful option.


Michael Clay Thompson

Class Details

Live Class: No

Assignments: Students will receive basic assessment of up to four papers of their choice.

Duration: 14 weeks

Student Support:
Teacher is available via email.

Email gives us flexibility. Because we will conduct our work primarily through email, you will have the time you like to think and write. You will send me your papers as pdf’s, according to MLA standards as in the Advanced Academic Writing text, and I will then reply via email with your paper marked and with a separate letter explaining the accomplishments and issues of the paper. With each paper, you should develop into a stronger academic writer.

Essay Voyage. Students should have an email account. Resource page.

Students should be comfortable with email.

For Ages: