Vocabulary, Level 5, part 2


Students will delve into the complex, demanding, and oft-times witty The Word Within the Word I.

NOTE: This is the continuation of Vocabulary, Level 5 from the spring 2017 semester. This is PART 2 of the two-semester course.


Michael Clay Thompson

Class Details

Live Class: No

Assignments: Weekly assignments

Duration: 15 weeks

Student Expectations:
It will be important for you to send me a constant stream of emails, asking questions and checking to see if you understand. You may work at your own pace, but I expect to receive work from you every week; if you want to finish the course early, that is fine. I expect you to manage your time well and finish all your requirements before the end of the class.

Student Support:
I will be available via email.

I may reply to your answers with other comments or questions, and I will want you to answer those emails too. We will have a conversation about vocabulary.

Students will need a copy of The Word Within the Word I and have an email account.

Students should have completed the first half of this course and have a copy of The Word Within the Word I.

For Ages: