Literature, Fog Trilogy Assessed


The purpose of this course is to read and discuss the Fog Trilogy: three novels whose characters are faced with the fog of confusion and chaos as they confront what is happening to them. Along the way, we will do lots of writing because that is how we will conduct our discussions—through email. We will talk about the characters, the ideas, and the language in each book. There are great words, fun grammar, and twists in the plots of the stories.

Our course will be conducted via email. Each week—usually on the weekend—I will send you an email containing questions you can discuss, as well as additional surprises of photographs and a recording in which I read a passage from the week’s reading assignment. You will have the week to do the reading, to choose the questions you like best, and to write your responses. I hope that you enjoy the recordings.

Students will submit two papers on topics of their choice related to the novels. These topics could be about anything related to our three novels, such as what you think one of the novels means, what the primary theme is, what the main lesson of the novel is for our lives, which character is most admirable, which of the novels is your favorite and why, or what the most important chapter is… anything concerning these three novels. I will assess the two papers and return them.


Michael Clay Thompson

Class Details

Live Class: No

Assignments: Weekly assignments, two papers to be assessed

Duration: 14 weeks

Student Expectations:
You will have the week to do the reading, to choose the questions you like best, and to write your responses. I would like to receive your responses during the week, before the next week’s assignments begin.

Student Support:
Teacher is available via email.

If you can send me your work by Thursday or earlier, that will give me time to respond to what you have written and to answer any questions you ask. Email gives us flexibility. Because we will conduct our comments and discussions primarily through email, you will have the time you like to think and write your replies. I will not expect an answer immediately, although you may sometimes respond immediately. I will, by the way, make comments if I see errors of language in your emails. That will help you learn some of those details—it takes time!

The Fog Trilogy:The War of the Worlds, The Red Badge of Courage, and Kidnapped. Students should have an email account. Resource page.

Students should be comfortable with email.

For Ages:

Week 1: TBD
Week 2: TBD
Week 3: TBD
Week 4: TBD
Week 5: TBD
Week 6: TBD


Week 7: TBD
Week 8: TBD
Week 9: TBD
Week 10: TBD
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Week 13: TBD


Week 14: TBD