Grammar, Level 1


In this course you will learn about the four levels of grammar: parts of speech, parts of sentence, phrases, and clauses. With this foundation you will be able to accomplish many important things in your speaking and writing, so you must look closely at every page of Grammar Island.

The course is an introduction to grammar. This means that we do not learn everything about grammar (Nobody knows EVERYTHING!), but we will learn the basics, and we will learn a really important thing: that it is possible for us to understand how we think. Why? Because all sentences come from us, from people. When we study a sentence, we are studying a person’s thought. Sometimes it is even our own thought. So grammar teaches us about ourselves.


Michael Clay Thompson

Class Details

Live Class: No

Assignments: Fifty assigments/emails. If you finish fifty assignments, you will have finished the class.

Duration: 15 weeks

Student Expectations:
It will be important for you to send me a constant stream of emails, asking questions and checking to see if you understand. You may work at your own pace, but I expect to receive work from you every week; if you want to finish the course early, that is fine. I expect you to manage your time well and finish all your requirements before the end of the class.

Student Support:
I will be available via email.

I may reply to your answers with other comments or questions, and I will want you to answer those emails too. We will have a conversation about language.

Students will need a copy of Grammar Island and have an email account. Resource page.

Students should be comfortable with email and keyboarding.

For Ages: